Dating Advice for Women and Girls on How to Find the Perfect Man for You

First Date Dating Tips for Girls

It’s time to head out for that first date! Outside of what to wear and the venue, you might be a little bit nervous around what to talk about. Here are some really easy conversation topics you can share without getting too heavy. Remember to try and keep it light on the first few dates, and make sure you listen as well and maintain eye contact as you both get to know each other!


First Date Dating Tips for Girls

It is normal for women to feel nervous on the first date but if you build your confidence and prepare yourself before the date, your date will go smoothly. The first tip is to dress well for your date and you should choose an outfit that goes well with the place you are going for the date. For example, if you are going to a fine dining restaurant, you don’t want to dress as if you were going to a bowling alley. You should also maintain eye contact during the date and give him your full attention during the date. Let the man take the lead if he chooses to do this because it shows his respect and chivalry.

Be Yourself

If you pretend to be someone you’re not on a date, you will have to keep up the facade as the relationship progresses so it is best to be yourself so that the man can know what you are really like. Sure he may still not want to go out with you after the first date, but that just means there is someone else out there for you.

Be Active in The Conversation

The conversation shouldn’t be one-sided so you want to be an active participant in the conversation.

If the date is discussing his career as a lawyer and you are confused about how he explains the way criminal cases operate, ask him for clarification on certain points during the conversation. Also give interesting details about your life so that he will learn more about you. For example, if you used to live in Europe as a teen because your parents were in the military, talk about those years. Have a sense of humor in the conversation.

Watch Your Manners When Eating

Ii’s also important to have good manners if you are eating at a restaurant. Never eat with your mouth full or open and keep elbows off the table. Maintain eye contact while eating and wipe your mouth occasionally with the napkin. When you order a meal on a date, order something that you will not have a hard time managing such as steak but if you have great meat-cutting manners, it is okay to do so. When you drink a beverage, don’t guzzle it down and savor the food.

Don’t Appear Desperate or Overly Excited

While you should show the date that you are having a good time with him, you don’t want to appear overly desperate and too excited because you mat scare him off. You may really like him and see a long term future with him but this is an unrealistic expectation and instead you should adopt the attitude that if he is interested in something more, he will contact you and take the initiative.

Going on a first date can be a little nerve wrecking but if you have confidence and realistic expectations, the date will go well. Finally, your main goal of a first date is to get to know a potential partner and you will have to go on several dates with different people before you meet the right one.




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