Dating Advice for Women and Girls on How to Find the Perfect Man for You

Dating Tips For Shy Girls

A quiet girl can be flirtatious in a quiet and sedate way that is better suited to her personality. Learn how to retain a sense of self while taking some risks with tips from a psychologist in this free video on relationships and dating advice.

Expert: Reka Morvay

Dating Tips for Shy Girls

If you’re a quiet and reserved woman you wonder if you will ever get a date but you shouldn’t let your shyness keep you from finding a great man to have a solid relationship because you can use these dating tips for girls who are shy. One thing you can do to feel more comfortable on a date is to wear beautiful clothing that flatters your figure but that is also not too prococative along with a nice hairstyle that suits your personality. You want to show your inner confidence to your date by making eye contact and giving a firm handshake, Also smile during the date.

Find Things You And The Date Have in Common

If you are not sure what to talk about with your date, look out for things the both of you have in common and use this as a springboard for the rest of the conversation. For example, if the date starts talking about how he used to help his dad fix things around the house and that it was those activities that saved him money when things broke in his apartment, you can talk about your mother would teach you how to sew clothes and repair holes in them and that you’re glad she did because you now make your own outfits and you saved money this way.

Go On Interesting Activities

If you’re a shy person, you can suggest that the two of you go to a venue that will lead to a good conversation such as the movies, a music concert, coffeehouse, art or book fair or the art museum. Once you leave the venue, the both of you can talk about what you saw and this takes his focus off your shyness.

Add Humor To The Conversation

When you are shy, you tend to clam up around others but you can offset this by adding humor to the conversation. You can make a funny yet tasteful comment about certain lyrics to songs that you and the date listened to as teens if the both of you grew up in the same decade such as the 80s or 90s. You can also share funny stories about how you attempted to cook dinner for roommates in your dorm but you burned the meal and you had to heat up frozen dinners.

Work On Overcoming Shyness

This is going to be a lifelong process but it can be done. One of the best ways to overcome shyness is by observing your friends who are not shy and see how they interact with others so you can learn confidence and proper behavior around others. If necessary, get counseling from a psychologist to determine if there are root reasons for your shyness.

Shyness doesn’t have to keep you from getting the right date if you work on your confidence and if you’re persistent in seeking the right person. You can also get help from friends and relatives because they may know single people you can go out with. Finally, you want to maintain a positive attitude and with these dating tips you will have a better dating life.

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