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Dating Tips For Christian Girls

Dating Tips for Christian Girls

As a Christian woman dating is especially a challenge because you want to date someone who has the same beliefs as yourself. One of the best ways to meet Christian men is in your church but if most of the men in your church are married or engaged, you can talk to older church members and let them know that you are interested in dating and establishing a long term relationship that could lead to marriage. Another thing you want to do is pray to God regularly and ask Him to place you in situations where you will meet the right person to marry. If you are dating, you must avoid going out on dates alone because the Bible forbids premarital sex and you want to honor God in your dating life. Here are other dating tips for girls who are Christians.

Look At His Actions

Since it is important that you date someone who is a fellow Christian, don’t automatically believe him when he says that he is because he could be lying to you just so he can go out with you. Observe his behavior and attitudes around you and his relatives and friends to determine if his lifestyle matches biblical guidelines that Christians must follow. Observe how he acts during tough situations and see what he does when you disagree with him on certain issues. A man’s overall character is important for Christian women seeking a date.

B Yourself and Have Fun

 Don’t pretend to be someone else because you think it will please him because you will have to keep up the appearances over time. You should show him the real you so that he can appreciate your inner and outer beauty and character. When you go out together you don’t have to talk about serious things all of the time. The purpose of outings is to have fun in a wholesome way. Some good places to hang out in groups with others include skating rinks, bowling alleys, restaurants, parks and music festivals.

Patience Is Important

When you are going out on a few dates together, you want to be patient because it is never a good idea to get too serious too soon. You need to get to know each other for as long as possible because you want to be sure that he is the right choice for you. During this time seek advice from your pastor, friends and relatives who have strong Christian values.

Exhibit Confidence

Like other men, Christian men are attracted to women who exhibit healthy confidence so put this on display when you go out on dates. Don’t make negative comments about yourself in front of him and talk about some of the interesting facts about your life such as your faith, your family, job and hobbies you’re involved in. Always maintain eye contact during the date.

Dating can be challenging but it can also be fun if you maintain a positive attitude and avoid unrealistic expectations. With these dating tips for girls, your dating life will be successful.



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