Dating Advice for Girls

If you are currently trying to look for Mr Right and are looking for advice to help you navigate the dating scene, you are not alone. Finding Mr Right for you can be difficult when there seems to be a sea of Mr wrongs.  The key to success in dating does not just involve understanding men better or what attracts men to women; but also means understanding yourself better, what you want and where you have gone wrong in the past.

Although there is no guaranteed method for finding true love, the following pieces of advice will help you on your quest.

Make A List

Before you even start looking, sit down and make a list of all the qualities you are looking for in  a man.  As no-one is perfect and unlikely to possess all the qualities on your initial list; it is recommended that you whittle the list down to the 10 main qualities above all others that you are looking for.

Stay Relaxed

Although dating and the ups and downs of the process an be a hotbed of anxiety and worry; it is wise to take a more relaxed approach to the whole thing.  For example, you have been on a couple of dates with a guy over the course of a few weeks and you don’t hear anything from him for a while.  Instead of getting anxious and worrying about what went wrong; mark it down as one that wasn’t meant to be and move on .

Stay True To Who You Are

It doesn’t matter how great a guy is, you should never lose touch with who you are as a person.  While you may want to show your dedication to him, giving up your own passions and even friendships to do so is not good for your own self-esteem or the budding relationship.  You will only be successful at attracting men you are interested in and keeping them if you are yourself a desirable person in your own right and not a lapdog.

Trust Your Own Intuition

Your intuition is one of the greatest gifts in life.  So, it’s important to listen to it.  If something feels off about this amazing guy you have started seeing, pay attention to it, as the alarm bells will be going off for a reason.


Avoid Making Assumptions

Most people have made the mistake of thinking just because they have been dating the same guy for half a year that they are mutually exclusive, when in actual fact they are not.  This is why it is crucial that you are not shy about bringing up the subject and ask him what your status is and discuss with him what you want.

Never Just Settle

This is a common mistake many women make.  They find themselves in their mid-30’s and are still waiting for Mr Right to show, so in the hope of everything turning out alright in the end they settle for the next best choice to Mr Right.  While you may grow to love someone deeply in this situation, it is more than likely going to end in tears or you being stuck in a relationship you don’t want to be in.  It is much better to hold out for the best person for you, even if it takes longer than you expect,than settling down with the wrong person because you don’t want to be alone.